The CLTRe Toolkit use a single-use login hash, sent to the user in an email to the address registered in the system, to log the person into our systems. Some times there is a delay in the delivery of the login email. Here are some reasons why the delay may occure:

  • The email you are using to request a login, is not in our system. If this happens, you will not receive a log-in email at all.
  • e-mail delivery issues on the Internet may cause delays in the email delivery. These typically are resolved within hours. 
  • Some security scanners may intercept the email at the gateway, causing a delay. We know that Proof Point's solution can cause up to 30 minutes delays from when the email is sent from our system, until it is delivered to the right users email. If you suspect this, please contact Proof Point directly to have them solve your issue
  • Something is wrong with our systems. This is rare, but may happen. If you think it is something wrong with our systems, please contact support. 

More info:
The CLTRe Toolkit use the Amazon Web Services SES service to deliver emails to our customers. A typical delivery time is measured in 3-5 seconds, often much less. A delay of more than a minute from you request to log in to you get the log-in email may be an indicator of some thing being out of the ordinary. A wait of more than 5 minutes on a regular basis is a concern, and should be investigated. Please reach out to the support team if this happens to you. 

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